There are so many specifications of small road rollers, how to choose

Nov 29, 2022


Small road rollers belong to the category of small compaction equipment. They are widely used in compacting asphalt and soil in engineering projects such as highways, railways, airport runways, dams, and stadiums. They can roll sandy, semi-cohesive and cohesive soils and roadbeds. Stabilized soil and asphalt concrete pavement layer. How to choose a road roller? What are the specifications and models? Let me give you a brief introduction!

1. According to the quality of work, road rollers can be divided into light, small, medium, heavy and super heavy. In general, the rolling efficiency and compaction effect of a road roller are directly proportional to its quality. Therefore, for roads with higher grades, more complex compacted materials, and shorter construction periods, large-tonnage road rollers should be considered. At the same time, large-tonnage rollers are also necessary construction equipment for construction units when bidding for projects. Therefore, under normal circumstances, consideration should be given to purchasing tire-driven single-drum vibratory rollers with a dead weight of more than 14t and an exciting force of more than 260kN. But it does not mean that the greater the excitation force, the better, because excessive excitation force will lead to loose surface, broken aggregate and segregation of graded materials, which will not only reduce the compaction quality, but also cause driver fatigue and premature damage to machine parts. Experience It proves that small road rollers are indispensable for large-scale projects because of their flexibility and power not weaker than large-scale equipment in response to road construction.

2. The selection of static rollers should also consider products with small tonnage. For construction users who only have static rollers, in order to improve construction efficiency and compaction quality, the tonnage should not be less than 2 tons.

3. Due to the existence of elastic deformation during the rolling process, the tire roller can rub the compacted materials, seal asphalt and other pavement materials, and reduce water seepage from the road surface when it rains. According to the requirements of my country's newly revised standard "Asphalt Pavement Construction and Acceptance", it is necessary to promote and apply large-tonnage tire rollers for re-pressing after asphalt composite paving. At present, some provinces in China have mandated the use of heavy-duty tire rollers of more than 25 tons in the bidding of expressways, which should especially attract the attention of users when purchasing.

The main technical parameters of small rollers include working quality, exciting force, vibration frequency, amplitude, climbing ability, diesel engine model and power, etc. Generally speaking, for rollers with the same working quality, the greater the exciting force, the more series of vibration frequencies, The wider the amplitude range, the stronger the climbing ability, and the higher the power of the diesel engine, it is better, but it should be noted that the turning radius should be smaller, which can bring more convenience for storage, transportation and steering during construction.

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