Which one is better among cranes, forklifts, and high-altitude forklifts?

Feb 22, 2023

If you need equipment to go upstairs, you will first think of using a crane, hoisting it at a high altitude, and then entering the workshop. If the equipment is moving in the workshop or the equipment is moving for a short distance, and the tonnage of the equipment is small, we may consider using a forklift, which is fast and convenient, and there is no need to bind, hook, etc. the equipment. Hoisting and handling equipment At the hoisting and handling site, the handling personnel believe that the crane and forklift should be complementary and complement each other.

However, when people continue to pursue the efficiency of equipment hoisting and handling, they find that hoisting is the primary cause of low handling efficiency. When lifting a piece of equipment, it is necessary to carry out the lifting inspection first, then carry out the hook, and then carry out the trial lifting. It also needs the responding personnel for the lifting to the ground. At the same time, attention must be paid to the safety of the lifting. The confusion of the process may cause lifting accidents.

In stark contrast to the crane is the forklift. When the equipment arrives at the site, the forklift can transport the equipment away immediately, and the handling efficiency is extremely high. Is there a kind of equipment that can not only inherit the characteristics of high-efficiency handling of forklifts, but also complete high-altitude handling.

Therefore, the equipment of high-altitude forklift truck appeared. Aerial forklift is a kind of handling equipment that can move short-distance equipment and at the same time complete low-floor equipment upstairs. If the tonnage of the equipment is less than 5 tons and the height of the equipment is less than 4 meters, then it can be completed with a high-altitude forklift.

Although high-altitude forklifts have the dual advantages of ordinary forklifts and cranes, this advantage also has certain conditions, and it can only carry equipment with small tonnage and low floors. If it is a large tonnage and equipment that needs to be moved to a higher floor, it can only be hoisted by a crane. Although there are tonnage and height restrictions when using aerial forklifts.

However, the price of aerial forklifts is generally higher than that of ordinary forklifts, and even some brands are higher than the price of cranes. The high price has also become an obstacle to the large-scale use of aerial forklifts.

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