Ten precautions for purchasing truck mounted cranes, these suggestions must be read!

May 19, 2023


When you need to buy a truck-mounted crane, the following ten considerations should attract your attention:

1. Understand your needs: Before purchasing a truck-mounted crane, you need to know your own needs, such as the required tonnage and arm length.

2. Understand the market situation: Before purchasing a truck-mounted crane, it is necessary to understand the market situation, master relevant information, and avoid unnecessary losses.

3. Choose a legal manufacturer: When purchasing a truck crane, you should choose a legal manufacturer, check the manufacturer's qualifications, and understand the manufacturer's production capacity and after-sales service.

4. Check product quality: When purchasing a truck-mounted crane, be sure to check the product quality and check whether all key components meet the standards.

5. Consider the price factor: When choosing a truck-mounted crane, price is a key factor, and you should choose the right product according to your needs and budget.

6. Choose the right brand: In the market, there are many brands of truck-mounted cranes, and products of different brands have different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to choose a suitable brand according to the needs.

7. Understand after-sales service: When purchasing a truck-mounted crane, it is very important to understand after-sales service, including maintenance, spare parts supply, etc.

8. Check the quality of accessories: When purchasing a truck crane, not only should you check the quality of the product itself, but also pay attention to the quality of product accessories, such as wire ropes, clamps, etc.

9. Consider environmental protection and energy saving: When purchasing truck-mounted cranes, environmental protection and energy factors should be considered, and products that meet environmental protection requirements should be selected.

10. Pay attention to safety issues: When purchasing a truck crane, you should pay attention to the safety performance of the product and avoid using unsafe products that may cause danger to yourself and others.

The above ten precautions are the aspects that need to be taken seriously when choosing a truck-mounted crane. Considering these factors can help you choose a truck-mounted crane product with excellent performance and reasonable price.

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